I honestly cant understand how a company can spend millions on re-branding and stating that “ITS A WONDERFUL WORLD”, when they cant invest in the basic infrastructure that makes it a wonderful world, its customer care department.

Customer who? Yes customer care. Oh the beautiful world of customer care. This is the make or break department of each company and with Zain, it breaks, it breaks so bad like you have come out of a divorce or lost a loved one.

My story goes back on Feb 25th, by the way it was my birthday, a happy birthday to me, I went on the bbk website and paid my dues. However a day later, a got an SMS from my boyfriend called Zain “Dear girlfriend, our friendship will be disconnected by 2pm”

Zain is leaving me, so I went on a frenzy. How could Zain leave me? I paid my dues and was loyal to him the whole time. (Oh by the way, Zain is a female name in the Arab world, but I guess my Zain is a confused character).

So I called Zain.

“Good morning Zain, how can I help you.” The happy go lucky Customer CARE picked up, and I asked her, why are you leaving me, I paid my dues.”

Apparently Zain and BBK had a divorce as well, outside of courts, so when I pay via BBK, Zain doesn’t accept transactions from their old girlfriend. (Sorry BBK you have to be a female in this story)

I was then told by Zain that me, Yes me, the customer has to call BBK and get BBK to send an email that I have paid! There goes my day.. so I did that!

However the next day, my phone gets disconnected once again!

So I call Zain. ?Sorry we don?t love you anymore,? they told me. But how come I paid. ?No, we don?t love you or BBK?. However after promising them a wild night, they reconnected my phone with a promise to open a new page

Today, I get another message ?Dear girlfriend, we are not happy with you so we will kick you out once again. Panadol isn?t making any money due to the crisis and we thought we could help.?

So I call Zain again. (I feel abused here- emotionally- I need to break up with this Zain). And again with their annoying welcome ?Sabahak Zain?. I told them, I paid, BBK emailed and I am left in the dark, why?

?We never got the email or the payment,? was their reply.

Oh my! Here we go again. Another fight with my boyfriend.

Basically Zain wants me to call BBK again and get them to send the email again! Oh and the person who checks the emails in Zain (yes its one person) goes home at 1pm. So much for technology

So anyways I am back to square one, my phone will be disconnected by 2pm today and why? Cause of this love and hate relationship between the couple (who is one person extra) me, Zain and BBK

The problem is, I cant even disconnect my line, cause they will sue me for not paying. But hey the Bahraini courts are on my side, you know why, cause they don?t care about anyone. Yay for democracy

Zain?s ex-girlfriend