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Symptoms :

  • You can no longer reach websites or collect your email
  • No internet connection
  • No Network Connection
  • an exclamation mark appears on top of the 2 connected computers icon
  • That usually happens when you have a problem assigning an ip address to your computer , ( Computer wont get an ip even when the DHCP server is available , an IP conflict scenario ) …

    Anyway the Virus/Trojan tends to damage Windows (Winsock) / LSP (Layered service provider) , And no matter what you do ( repair , release , renew , replace your NIC , a new CAT5 cable , reinstall drivers etc … ) it wont work …

    I have found couple of utilities that does the job , it will repair Winsock LSP and remove the virus/trojan …

    1: LSPFix
    URL :lspFix Linkage
    Snap shot :


    URL: WinsockXPFix
    Snap Shot :

    Note: You can copy any of the above on a floppy disk , usb Drive or CD , they are tiny and free .
    Happy surfing 🙂