I came across this well written ( and true VERY true ) article published by Brian Yerkes, he basically quotes:

Working with all types of clients on a daily basis can be as challenging as the actual design or development work that they are hiring you for. As a freelancer or a project manager, you are on the front-line and even though there shouldn?t be war between you and your client, it can sometimes feel like a battle!

Over the years, I have heard clients say a lot of things, and some of them are more clear in their message than others. For those starting out in the design industry, whether it is at a firm, or as a freelancer, this list of ?5 things clients say and what they really mean? will surely help you to be educated when interacting with various types of clients

type #1: i designed it myself and just need you to ….

99.9% of the time, if a client says this to you when they first inquire about your services, and ask you for a quote, they are really saying, ?I know enough to have an opinion on YOUR profession, and I understand what it takes to do what you do. I don?t really think your skills are anything that hard to do, I just don?t have the time to do it, or I don?t have the little amount of time it probably takes to learn it. Knowing all this, I won?t be paying you that much to do this work as it shouldn?t take you that long at all?plus I?ve already done most of the work for you.?

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