As we all know & noticed how technology evolved and still moving forward, we have seen the dramatic change in internet users for the past 8 years? from 40,000 internet users in year 2000 to? 250,000 internet users at year 2008 in Bahrain and increasing according to internetworldstats .

With the appearance of social media/networks ( youtube, facebook, myspace, faces etc …) the internet became a good place to advertise (? wake up!! ), whether to increase brand awareness , driving traffic or populating a prospects database for example.

We are going to see more developments in mobile devices soon, or what so called “? smart mobiles ” with GPS, 3G, wi-fi,? and probably wimax in the future , proximity detection allowing ad networks to push data to a device which is near by .

A good example is socialight, with the help of user generated content ( in a social networks like facebook for i.e ) they can recommend a place that they are visiting or visited ( upload text, picture and video ) to their list and mark it map…
Lets say you are going out shopping/dinning and you would like to know where to eat but you are confused, fireup your mobile, start socialight service and based on your location, your friends recommendations will appear on your mobile screen ( proximity ) or ads can just be pushed whenever you are near to a ” hot spot” .

“Think Digital”!

This is a great way of using LBS ( location based services )… watch the video below for more info on socialight.