Hope whoever is trying to find it out reaches this post 😛

I wish i knew whats the cartoon’s title in english is but google translate is blocked … if im not mistaken the title is called “Oath of the Peach Garden“.

However, i have recently came across a cartoon/anime show called 9oqoor alarth or in English Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it rang a bell of an old anime show that i once watched when i was a little kid and i thought it was the same, but its not although the characters were the same, like Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

Done some research and the title 9era3 aljababerah crossed my mind, and done a search on youtube and i finally got it!!! very sad and touchy story, but i think its way better than soqoor alarth .


Death of Guan Yu

Death of Zhang Fei

Death of Liu Bei’s wife