Yeah, I really did, I need a long long break after all what I been thru this year .

As you see I have typed Nude instead of Node while building some application …Maybe i am twisted … maybe it was just a stupid mistake, Maybe [x] where x is a variable ….

I some times fear me , Myself and Moody … I question myself about decisions I made , I question my personality … am I a bad guy …?

Am I just acting nice ?
How bad am I ?

True ,I am in conflicts … I am always in conflicts !!!

College aint Helping , Mr.A M [Our Data Comm II teacher] aint helping either , He thinks hes the best but he is truly a waste of time and money , a pile of sh*t in a bag  …

I’ll stop here , Mr.A M should have his own post 😉
Well … soon .