how often do you hear this ?
lets rollback a little bit, Actionscript is a part of Adobe Flash programming or scripting language, its also used in Adobe AIR/Flex environment.

Personally, i code and publish websites using actionscript 2.0, i find it easier to code & easier to come up with a solution after breaking down problems ( problem solving ) at least thats how i code.
i break down a project into smaller problems and solve each ones individually, however this is not the case here .

When Actionscript 3 was introduced, i though, HEY its Actionscript 2.0 with more features, guess i was right about the features not even close about actionscript 2.

Migration, i thought this wont take much time to catch up with, catching up was OK but applying what i knew in Actionscript 2 in Actionscript 3 is totally a different thing.

AS3 is more likely to be strict, when i first tried writing button functions it took me more time to write a single function than what it takes to write a function in AS2, its about time me thinks, what i don’t like in AS3 is the OOP ( this again is a personal opinion ) as designers, we tend to like AS2 because its not so complicated, by looking at tutorials, advanced users tend to use their own classes to build up their projects, which is a good thing, making your code reusable, designers & beginners cant go that deep ( i wounder what adobe were thinking of ), yes designers are frightened to use AS3.

Then stick your ass with AS2 you may think, i would, im still publishing websites @ 2.0, but AS3 and flash player 10 has more features like native XML, Timer, the use of 3D engines like papervision, the new bone & 3D tools in Cs4 besides the tweening & built in motion editor … i can go on forever, all the cool stuff are being written in AS3, i feel like im forced to learn AS3 because AS2 might become obsolete, just like what happened to our granpa AS1.

i learnt flash on my own when Lee Brimelow published his video tutorial site about 3? years ago(me thinks), i also bought few good books from friendsofed &, the main reason though for any success is practice & practice makes perfect, purchased my own domain name and published my first flash site , started experimenting on my own kid ( V1, V2, V3, etc … ).

What am going to do is try and develop a flash AS3 flash website of my own, applying all what i know in AS2 in AS3, this would probably make AS3 look brighter in my perspective..
OOP comes in later on once i completely understand how AS3 works, i just wish that Adobe makes it easier for us designers…