I’ll explain how to enable and use the Gtalk SMS service from google with few easy steps, the service is disabled by default and you’ll require to enable it.

Enabling Gtalk SMS & using it:

1-?Login to your gmail account www.gmail.com, click on the gear icon to the top right of your browser’s window.

Click on labs from the drop down menu.




2- Scroll down on the enabled labs page until you spot the “SMS in chat gadget”, the service is disabled by default, enable it and click on “save changes” button located on the top left or bottom left.



3- locate the chat & SMS widget from the left sidebar & start typing in the number that you would like to send an SMS to in the text field ( 97333xxxxxx ) then click on send SMS





4- ?a dialog box will pop-up prompting to save the contact number, give the number a name & click save.


5-Gmail chat box will now appear to the right corner of the screen, this will now be used for sending & receiving SMS’s to & from the contact number that you have saved.

pretty easy?






a sample SMS received