note: this post is not related to the blog title nor role , but the story deserves this post …

This is a very very very sad true story i came across while surfing around few blogs …
Brief :

atefeh sahaleh was a bright 16-year old schoolgirl.

She was single.

She was first raped when she was 13. Under Sharia’s law she had no rights as she was over 9 and female.

She was sentenced to execution for adultary in accordance with the Islamic law based on the Sharia code by a religious court.

The sentence was carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Atifa’s father was not allowed to see her prior to execution.
Atifa’s rapist was also convicted of adultary.
He received 43 lashes.


no wounder i never liked that country … though im originally (my roots) from there somewhere , and thank god im not living there ….

More on this brutal case can be found @
Death of a teenager girl
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no offense but thats so unfair … i call it crap .
bless her she was only 16 !
Only 16 !