Color grading is form of art! It’s the final process of finalizing an image, it expresses emotion, sets the mood & moves ones feelings! In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to color grade your car photos in photoshop using LUTs.


Using photoshop to color grade

Color grading in photoshop can be achieved in multiple ways via curves or color balance.

You can also color grade in photoshop using LUTS (lookup tables) by adding a lookup table adjustment layer and then load a LUT from the drop down menu.

Photoshop comes preloaded with a list of LUTs that can be applied to your images, there are many free and premium LUTs available online,a simple Google search will list many resources in which you could download LUTs from.

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While the field of LUTs is saturated, I have personally created two LUTs back in the time when I used to shoot & edit videos.

You can download the LUTs by filling the form below. Enjoy!
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