Samsung Galaxy S3 Video with Cinematic Film Effect

We decided to go out for a quick video shoot with the new Samsung Galaxy S3 & collected few good video footage from our shop @ Bahrain city centre & our Ramadan rewards Stand (with the BMW), as you will notice we've applied some film effects to the footage to give that cinematic feel to it.

The final video compiled pretty well however you will notice that the camera will try and refocus at some point due to the fact that I should have selected a focus point to maintain the depth of field (discovered that later on).

Galaxy Nexus Video Demo

So it's been a while since I have posted anything recently, my wife just got me a galaxy nexus & I have decided to shoot a video with it.

on top of this page is an experimental video shot with Galaxy Nexus - ( It's not what you shoot with, its how you shoot it )

Video: Weam Zabar - Founder of Namaste-Bahrain

Namaste is a new upscale destination in Budaiya offering holistic wellbeing experience. They offer a feng-shiu style center with a yoga studio, reiki treatment room, meditation room and a small retail shop in a serene and beautiful setting.

VIVA Racing team - Video

I joined VIVA Racing team @ the BIC to capture few moments from Round 2/Race 2 of the WGA Chevrolet supercars championship, the video splits into 3 parts: preparation, qualifying & the 2x races.

Special thanks to:
- VIVA Racing team & crew
- Tariq Zainal for the great photos

Shot with Canon 600D
Canon 50MM 1.4
Canon 18 - 135 3.5
shot @ 24 & 60fps
ISO 100 - 800
Shutter speed 50, 125 & 200

Movie recording has been stopped automatically - Canon, PNY ,SanDisk & Transcend

Movie recording has been stopped automatically - ouch!

If you own a Canon t2i?(550d) or t3i (600d) & you get the following error while shooting video?Movie recording has been stopped automatically then your SD card is not keeping up with the buffer received from your Canon camera. ( buffer overflow / buffer overrun )

I have recently bought a class 10 PNY & I got the same error, users with the following SD cards might run into it:

  • Transcend
  • PNY
  • SanDisk
A quick win/fix would be disabling?audio recording, this allow you to record audio-less but without stopping the video recording.


A better fix would be getting a class 10 SD card with a speed higher than or equal to 30MB/s.
Sorry if its too late & you got a slow SD card ;)

Color grading - warm & cool color cast comparison FCP-X

I guess I'll call it ( the weekend experiments ), If you have watched the video you may have noticed that I've crushed the blacks a tad, the main reason why I have done this experiment is to see how can a tint of a color or a color cast can effect the mood, time of day or the location, it may look a tad cheesy yet it remains an experiment & I'm still learning :)

feel free to criticise.