Windows Phone 7 - Another VIVA first

VIVA brings to you the new?Windows Phone? 7 , with?HTC? HD7. Everything you need, easier and faster.

  • Windows Phone Apps Marketplace
  • 5 mega pixel camera
  • Impressive 4.3? screen
  • Rear kickstand

Two great packages* to choose from:

With 12 months contractBD 199 initial paymentBD 10 instalment per month
With 24 months contractBD 99 initial paymentBD 10 instalment per month

*Available with VIVA Postpaid packages.

Get it with free 2GB worth of data, only from VIVA

Samsung galaxy tab

This is your opportunity to be amongst the first in Bahrain to own the new?Samsung Galaxy Tab. The 7-inch tablet is portable yet powerful. Enjoy rich connections to all the entertainment and information you want with:

  • 7-inch multi-touch screen
  • Mobile video chat
  • Web browsing with flash
  • Android 2.2

Exclusively offered to you by VIVA with:

  • 3 months free subscription on VIVA postpaid10, and
  • 3 GB free data every month

For only?BD300.

Powered by Android Operating System 2.2, the Samsung GALAXY brings together all of Samsung's leading innovations to provide users with more capabilities while on the move. Consumers are able to experience PC-like web-browsing and enjoy all forms of multimedia content on the perfectly sized 7-inch display, wherever they go. Users will be able to continuously communicate via e-mail, voice and video call, SMS/MMS or social network with the optimized user interface.

For more information call 124 or visit any VIVA Store.
*Offer limited whilst stocks last

Source: VIVA

Blackberry Banned in Bahrain & Middle East

No, its not yet banned in Bahrain ( as im writing this post ) but it looks like its coming up fast and sharp!

Below is an email received from Batelco:

Dear Valued Business Customer

Batelco?s Enterprise Division is working to minimize any inconvenience for our business customers if Batelco is directed to suspend some Blackberry services such as the popular messenger or email.

Despite this being outside our control, we want to assure all our Blackberry customers that Batelco is working on alternative offers to minimise any inconvenience should some services be suspended.

We appreciate the importance of Blackberry services such as push email for our Enterprise customers and accordingly we are finalising alternative offers which we hope to deliver as soon as possible, if necessary.

We will address all our Blackberry customers? concerns as quickly as practicable.

All updates on this matter will be posted on our website

so once again ( i lost the count ) we are about to get banned from using something, rolling back on my blog posts I remember two banning occasions:

  1. The internet censorship in Bahrain ( Bye Bye Age of Engage )
  2. Mahmood Alyousif Blog ban

What i would like to know is again why? And why in GCC countries? Aren't we by doing so stepping a bit backwards?

Why us Arabs? is it because of the porn materials ( local editions ) being shared? sad But true

Is it because we have groups that alerts people about speed cams?

Is it because of scandal materials being shared at a speed of light?

Is it because of fast information flow? And the fact that you cant monitor it/us?

how about sharing our thoughts with you? You only make the world laugh at us...

2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 for sale

  • Dealer maintained
  • Just serviced
  • 53,000 KM

Asking price BD 3,599
Interested? call 36338605 or 36960099

Remembering 80's Oath of the Peach Garden

Hope whoever is trying to find it out reaches this post :P

I wish i knew whats the cartoon's title in english is but google translate is blocked ... if im not mistaken the title is called "Oath of the Peach Garden".

However, i have recently came across a cartoon/anime show called 9oqoor alarth or in English Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it rang a bell of an old anime show that i once watched when i was a little kid and i thought it was the same, but its not although the characters were the same, like Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

Done some research and the title 9era3 aljababerah crossed my mind, and done a search on youtube and i finally got it!!! very sad and touchy story, but i think its way better than soqoor alarth .


Death of Guan Yu

Death of Zhang Fei

Death of Liu Bei's wife

A quick note on local permission marketing

"Beep Beep" an SMS alert, i pick up the phone to see the message and i go oh shoot, there ya go again, another zain message and without even reading the message i delete it with passion...

Seriously, how often do you get?interrupted?with such ads? ?whether you are checking your email or watching one of MBC's channel or probably receiving an SMS while driving, and how often do you delete that sms/email or switch to a different channel ... ?The important question is WHY?

Because you?haven't?opted-in for it at the first place, that means?interruption?marketing is not working for them nor on us anymore, it became another noise in the background...

Back to zain, i haven't asked for it, please keep it for yourself.

Batelco on the other hand got an opt-in driven sms "contest", but once you are in you can never get out ( you should probably dial 196 and click through the tree until you get a human to sort you out ) so even while you are roaming out of the country, they will spam you with their questions to death... there aren't any instructions on how to opt-out using sms!

Moral of the story #1

" Make sure to have a visible opt-in instructions and a visible opt-out instructions "

Moral of the story #2

" Even though you got an opt-in strategy it doesn't mean that you are not spamming "

Moral of the story #3

" DVRs were created to skip TV ads, not just record to record TV shows * MBC * "

Moral of the story #4

" We are witnessing the death of ?interruption?marketing, we live in a small island, be different switch to permission marketing, start by building your opt-in email lists or try viral perhaps?"

My next topic is going to be on email marketing best practices, hope the local big guys and their agencies are watching this space, it will really sort them out...

#launched elements

Once of the best clients i have ever worked with!

Im happy to announce that i have launched elements, A Bahrain film and video production company that fits all sizes.

go ahead and have a look at?their?website :)

I'am 28 years old & Rolling ...

Yes tweeple, i'll be 28 in less than an hour ... YAY! im growing older, wish it pauses here, at least the couple of hairs left on top of my head :)

it was a fast year with lots of changes & off course lots of accomplishments... HORRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !
side-note: im gonna go and shave now ( to look a tad younger ) .

Many thanks for your warm wishes "in advanced " ;)

Online advertising in Bahrain

We've all noticed the appearance of online advertising in our country/region which leads to the conclusion that business owners are now realizing the power of the digital medium and the channels behind it.
This also means that they are budgeting for online ad spending, that is on its own an increase in online ad spending in this region.

Unfortunately companies like Zain and Batelco are applying it the wrong way, im hereby discarding the IAB guidelines and standards and just talking common-sense.

we all know What Zain & Batelco are at least locally we do, and most of us will find a way to reach their website when we require more information about a certain product or service (7elow?) Depending on what we are looking for most of us again apply the scan method in combination with the?baby duck syndrome, that is on its own frustrating if the Information architecture wasn't done properly,? now lets concentrate on ads bits, shall we?

If you are a facebook user you might have came across couple of ads from both companies which looks like this.

A part from its being a "misleading ad" oh well the usual Zain, when you click the ad it takes you to the index of their website "BOOM" there you are infront of 7 or more navigation links to choose from and you have been there before.

So basically they have generated a generic traffic ( a part from awareness ) to their website, but what are they doing with that traffic?

i bet a bounce rate of 80% or more occurs on daily basis because they smack users with the same website, which is not directly related to the ad itself.

Here we notice the absence of microsites or and expendable banners were they can collect user information from the ad itself without the need to navigate away from ad location, or simply link the ad to the related product on the site itself ( worst case scenario ).
you can find out more on ad-format variations on eye-blaster website.

There are more issues related to their online presence if you look further into new trends such as RSS, opt-in email newsletters/marketing and proper social media optimization/engagement, did i mention that they are also using tables instead of divs ?oh well its all about time me thinks, what do you think?