Carolina Evelyn Klüft born on February 2, 1983 in Borås, is a Swedish athlete competing in heptathlon. Kluft’s mother was a long jumper and her dad a footballer so it’s no wonder their daughter headed for sporting greatness. She won the heptathlon at the World Athletics 2003 in Paris with a score of 7,001, ahead of France’s Eunice Barber, who had 6,755 points. She also won the heptathlon in the Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens at 6,952 points with a margin of 517 points. Klüft is the third woman to score 7,000 or more points at the heptathlon. Klüft has also competed successfully in Long Jump; at the 2004 IAAF World Indoor Championships she won bronze medal.

She has (as of July, 2006) won 1 gold medal in the Olympic Games, 3 gold and 1 bronze medal in the world championships and 2 gold and 1 bronze medal in the European championships.
She is currently regarded as one of the best female athletes in the world.

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