Many of you have been asking me about the best lens for car Photography, I went ahead and made this video tutorial that sheds some information about lenses for car photography and when to use them. Enjoy!


Hey what’s up time he goes today we’re going to talk about lenses for automotive photography and I often get asked about kind of lens I’d recommend.

I tend to give them the same answer every time and that is basically it depends really what you’re trying to achieve so if you’re trying to get an action shot or a rig shot then I would recommend a wide lens, the wide lens would portray shows the motion blur around the car with a tighter lens you wouldn’t be able to do so however if you’re trying to get more of the detail shots or a normal car shot then I would recommend something narrower and today I’m going to show you what lenses I use and how I use them.

17 – 40 Canon lens for Full Frame

The First lens that we’re going to talk about is the wide lens which is the Full Frame 17 to 40 from Canon I mainly use this with rig shots and action shots because I would like to have more of the scenery around the car, when you take a rig shot the car is in focus and everything around it is in a motion blur effect. If you have a tighter lens let’s say 50, 80 or 100 you wouldn’t be able to show the surroundings of the car and so you won’t have that speed effect.

24-105 Canon lens Full Frame

The other lens that I use like 99 percent of the time is the 24 to 105, I use this for almost all of my car shots, if they ask me which is the one lens that I would take with me anywhere I would definitely go for the 24 – 105, it provides a good zoom range, whether its a normal, detail or a rig shot it would just do the job right!

70-200 Canon lens Full Frame

I recently bought the 70 to 200 but I never got  the time to actually use it. the idea behind this was actually to even compress the image, so I would literally keep a long distance between the car and I and try to compress the image. I’ve seen a lot of people using this and mainly for actions for sporting events, you can also get cool panning shots.

Please note that these are full-frame sensor glasses so you will need to find its equivalents for the crop sensor.