4 years ago i was obsessed with weight loss , enrolled to some GYM and changed my diet.
i had Aspartame included in all of my meals & snacks (including my 4 cans of diet coke )
It was pretty good losing that excessive weight and getting into shape , discarding the facts of my nutrition ,i ignored every simple detail about the “Negative element” intakes
Worked pretty fine for the first 2 years , lost more than 20 KGs and maintained it … During this period something else was bothering me including :

  • little acnes appearing in my scalp .
  • Head (scalp) swelling.
  • Hairloss
  • interval Blurry vision
  • headaches
  • losing concentration (” cant think , cant memorize ” )
  • losing my temper ( “cant listen to my wife , i get angry upon silly things , depression ” )
  • losing appetite

Never knew what was happening to me ! I didn’t consult a Doctor , i thought its a period and it will pass by .
I spoke with one of the guys at the gym ( a doctor ) , explained to him what im going through …
He said it might be something within my diet ( i never thought about Aspartame because i simply never thought it would hurt me since its being sold in markets !!) .
he described me some antibiotic (dalacin C) , it worked good for my scalp but yet not for a long time , apperantly Aspartame caused me a new allergy .

After some research on the internet i found out how toxic this crap is ! ! the side effects i found on the internet were exactly what i was going through …

its been a year or more now since i stopped buying any product that had Aspartame in it (chewingGums, drinks , Even food ) …

i feel way better now , no headaches , no joint probs , vision getting better , but i am still allergic to something causing the acnes to appear from time to time ( so im on antibiotic courses for life now πŸ™ )

you can read more about this @ Sweet Poison.

We got very sick, make sure You dont

Or simply google it !