50 BD , which is arround 132 USD $ , A 71 British Pound for a Stupid Crap 512 DSL connection from Batelco , and Give me a Break … I cant Play my Favorite Games online , voip Appz barely usable , Progressive Vidz show [if voice fails at some points , u can imagine video lol ! its crazy ] …

i got this email from some mates arround Bahrain as in related to this article…


So to all Bahraini people, what do you think about these offer??? mostly are Limited and high price. Bahraini people think oh it's good because most of them don't know about the prices outside Bahrain and the Speed, but sorry it is really cheap outside with really high connection, and yeah NO PROBLEMS WITH THE INTERNET.

The mobile bill cost is high and the house line is high but outside Bahrain people get paid high while they have free house line cost and cheap mobile bills. So it's all up to you people what to choose.

All we are asking is cheaper phone calls, great offers and high connection. Treat us like other countries and even better. We all know it's monopoly in this feild and we have to accept the offers you give us, but you shouldn't take advantage in this situation and make people pay alot while they don't have alot of money to spend. Batelco are not forcing us, but we have the right to get good things here in Bahrain, it's a great country.

So please treat us right and make Bahraini people happy about what they have.

Thank you .

Ask Batelco if they care … Rofl !!