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The crux of automotive & car photography involves appreciation for every motorized creation

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Learning the art of car photography can be hard at the beginning, join me on my humble YouTube channel that is packed with car photography tutorials for beginners & professionals, that is my way of giving back to the community.

Porsche Cayman S Miami Blue
2018 Audi RS3 Rims

Why automotive & car photography even exists

Manufacturers see completed vehicles as a means to remain relevant within a crowded automobile marketing. Sure, design concepts are nurtured, interiors are well-constructed, even aerodynamics play significant roles in amplifying potential buyers’ rotary senses. In other words, manufacturers concentrate on visual effects to entice sales – after consumer purchases, however, any further interest in how vehicles make new owners feel subsides.

In automotive & car photography, the beauty of cars in motion – along with drivers who sit proudly in them – gets captured forever, giving those who look at vehicular photographs some semblance of happiness (or liberation) because they can envision themselves sitting in the very car captured in still-frame.

Schools teach photography. Appreciation breeds automotive & car photographers.

The psyche of professional car photographers

When viewing this 2017 718 Cayman S, what grabs your attention? The ground hugging body style, resembling a well-kept female by its curvy and daring appearance? Perhaps it’s more color-related, because aquamarine triggers an indescribable emotion. Photographed vehicles, like the Porsche depicted, should invoke some emotional reaction when captured in its natural state. As we see in this photo, parking the Cayman S atop gray stone next to an adorable façade lets viewers know its owner is probably well-to-do, perhaps an investment banker or doctor. It allows the viewer to envision what they’d look like sitting inside $150,000 worth of earth-torching power.

Alfa Romeo 8C

Perfection captured, visuals preserved

Yes, photos are enhanced with Lightroom or similar visual effects editors. Not many professional SLR cameras can account for light changes or how sunlight bends in various directions when hitting metal. The most important part of automotive & car photography, however, is going out and capturing vehicles that generate conversation. No software program can replace human effort, and regardless of how hard you try, replicating the work involved with chasing that one special shot is something Adobe simply won’t sell you.

Professional photographers and students of photography understand capturing anything in natural form preserves perfect moments that last only once. Fast cars motoring down the Autobahn, freshly waxed Bentleys sitting perfectly atop granite driveways, even sports cars parked under street lights can bring out feelings we often forgot existed…

…until that one priceless photo was taken.

View my portfolio. Peruse the very experiences I’ve captured in motorized format. Let me share my automotive & car photography experiences with you, anytime, because the eyes are the window to one’s imagination.